About Us
The Beni Komerc d.o.o. dairy from Sjenica has been successfully processing milk and making dairy products since 1991. By relying on the centuries-long tradition in milk production and processing nurtured on the Pešter Plateau and introducing modern technology, Beni Komerc is striving to meet the needs and expectations of its consumers by offering products of superior quality. Its basic product range includes: Sjenica white cheese, peppers in sour cream, Sjenica “kačkavalj” cheese and kaymak from Pešter.

Since its founding the Beni Komerc dairy has shown a continuous tendency of development, and by investing in production capacities has reached the processing volume of 10,000 liters of milk per day. The reconstruction of the new production plant which employs 15 professionals and the introduction of international standards HACCP and ISO 9001-2008 form the foundation for the development of quality and healthy products. Climate, tradition and milk of superior quality give these products a special recognizable flavor, and today Beni Komerc enjoys the trust of numerous consumers in the Sjenica district. The goal is to become a leader in the production of Sjenica cheese and other semi-perishable dairy products in the Zlatibor district in the coming period, through continued investing in quality and design. The well organized distribution network and irresistible taste of these products makes them a commodity that consumers throughout Serbia can enjoy.
Production, trade and services company ''Beni komerc'' d.o.o., Jablanička bb, Sjenica 36310, Tel/fax 020/741 736, E-mail: benikomerc@ptt.rs