The Pešter Plateau (also known simply as Pešter) is a karst plateau (altitude of 1100-1250m) in south-western Serbia, south-east of Sjenica. The Pešter Plateau abounds with grazing pastures, its meadows are home to all sorts of grasses, mostly medicinal herbs, so the milk, meat and other products are of specific taste and held in high regard. The very name of Sjenica comes from the aromatic grass of the vast pastures that was once cut as many as three times a year and dried into hay for winter fodder. Sjenica is a word of Slavic origin meaning "land of hay".

Pešter is a plateau with elevation of 1150 covering an area of 63 square kilometers, with a lovely view of the local Golija, Javor, Zlatar, and Ozren mountains. A seemingly endless stretch of untouched greenery, Pešter is the largest plateau on the Balkan Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe, which many in Serbia call Tibet or local Siberia. The town of Sjenica is synonymous with low temperatures and is the coldest region in the country.
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